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    mera 2mb ptcl internet h,,, avrg dwnload speed .7mps h.... is it ok speed?
    - By Raja Usman
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    Achi web he yar.
    - By Asim jan
  • Posted on
    (4 / 5)
    This software for speed test is nice and seemingly credible. Irony is this that EVO Wingle, a product of PTCL is not giving result as it claimed to provide i.e Upto 9.3 Mbps. It is experienced that if luck supports, downloadspeed hardly touches the figure 2Mbps. PTCL should keep up the claim of offer.
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    Witribe really SUCKS
    - By Naveera
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    mera ptcl 2mb router laga ha. ay 1 speed aty ha. ap log b woe laga lo cost b bht cheep ha
    - By ch khan
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