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Speedtest.net.pk is specially designed to check your internet speed exactly as it is, beacause most of the times internet users feel that they are getting less speed as they should receive. Therefore, speedtest.net.pk comes in handy to check the current condition of your network and then you can compare that speed with the speed which your Internet Service Provider (ISP) promised to provide you.
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    - By tariq Gujjar
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    This is for speedtest.net.pk team there is something wrong with your checking server because my internet connection is running like a rocket no browsing problems sites are opening very quickly on the other hand I got 2560 KB/s means approximately 20mb down speed on torrents and more than 10mb down speed on other websites (I checked it by myself) and this web sits shows that I've been given only 0.8mb (less than 1mb speed) and I'm totally satisfied with my ISP ZONG no 1 company who is providing upto 40mb speed, so your team should figure out what is the problem with your server so that people wont get wrong information about their ISP's
    - By Hassan
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    i like this speed test
    - By tehseen akhter
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    so awsme it tell me how fast my internet is coming
    - By muhammad luqman
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    Internet browser can't wark 4mbps ka pakage ha 1mbps show hoti ha
    - By sulmanjabbar

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