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  • Posted on
    (3.5 / 5)
    i have a 2mbps ptcl broadband connection but i'm having a speed of 1mbps.speed test result is 0.8 downloading speed and uploading speed is 0.3 .what is the problem
    - By asad
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    sir pay for 1mb but my speed of internet so slow i could not open even fb sometime how i can know that how much speed is coming it is less then 1mb or equal to given rate
    - By javid
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    Hi I would be appreciate if kindly guide me currently I am using 4mbps of private provide ISP but I am suffering so much about video streaming directly because there is no option of download so let me know if I want to switched up so which one is the best . Thanks
    - By Melly
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    two days bfre i have downloaded a full film of about 950mb., it will taken 2 hrs to download.. but now 711mb is taking more than 4 hrs.. what is the problem in that...? how can i find solution for this.....?
    - By kumar
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    I'm using ptcl broadband 1mb student package
    - By Daim Shahid
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