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  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    sometime the site doesnt porform better as it can before
    - By Qaisar Hussain luqmankhel
  • Posted on
    (4 / 5)
    Internet speed is very slow that is 1.2mbps download it is very poor speed.My connection is 2mbps.
    - By Munir Ahmad
  • Posted on
    (4.5 / 5)
    best speed testing website... I am facing very slow browsing right now and when I checked, it shows 0.7 download speed while I should get 2MB as my connection is 2MB. looks like its showing accurate speed what I am getting now.
    - By Rabia Talat
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    Its Awesome website i am using it from one year.
    - By Irfan
  • Posted on
    (5 / 5)
    I found it excellent.
    - By Tariq Safeer
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