What is PING?

PING stands for Packet INternet (or Inter-Network) Groper, PING is a term which is very common in networking or over internet to check the connectivity between two machines normally client and server. The process of PING is very similar to radar, when PING starts so client machine sends small packet to the server machine and then server machine resends same packet back to the client machine, then PING system checks the response time in milliseconds, that is why PING majoring unit is ms (milliseconds).

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    Thikinng like that is really amazing
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    This is way more helpful than annhityg else I've looked at.
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    Mashallah 👍🏼
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    5/5 is a good speed
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    4mbps package unlimited but more then 20 time showing limited and disconnect to much.why
    - By mohammas ejaz

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