Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Karachi

Recently Speed Test has organised a survey to know which Internet Service Provider is leading in Karachi city. According to our survey's result we have short listed 5 internet service providers which list is as follows:

1. StormFiber.
2. Transworld.
3. Optix.
4. Jazz Home (Wireless).
5. PTCL.

StormFiber is the product of Cybernet and no doubt leading with first position in Pakistan's biggest city, the minimum 10Mbps package is most famous (as per our collected data) which cost is almost Rs. 2000/mo. But we have found in our survey that StormFiber is partially available in the city, for example when our team went Scheme 33's good societies like Karachi University Employees Cooperative Housing Society, PCSIR and other similar societies so we found that more than 200+ users were just ready to connect with StormFiber but they can not because currently Stormfiber is not available there, we even surprised to know that some customers are waiting for more than 2 years and it is still unavailable and they are using Zong or Jazz wireless devices for internet connectivity, that surprised us but we believe that StormFiber will already be working on it and start it's services soon everywhere in Karachi.

Speed Test