How Speed Test Works?

So, the million dollars question... how speed test works? Before, answering of this question we need to understand what is the purpose of website. Every two internet consumers out of five are not happy or doubtful about their internet connection, people complain they do not get proper internet speed which they should get according to Internet Service Provider (ISP). So, the simplest solution is to use website to test your internet speed.


Now, let's come to the point. Very firstly Speed Test detects the closest server near your location then it PINGs that server to check the latency rate. For checking the latency rate Speed Test sends multiple packets to server using user's internet connection and in the response server resend those packets to the user's machine after that sending and receiving process completed Speed Test calculates the time of data receiving back from server in milliseconds that is called latency rate or PING.


Secondly, to check the download speed, Speed Test downloads multiple packets via multiple ports, during the download process it detects how many bytes has been downloaded in one seconds and then it converts them in Bits per second, because bps or bits per second is the unit for majoring the internet speed. Therefore, Kbps means Kilo Bits Per Second similarly Mbps means Mega Bits Per Second.


Finally, to check the upload speed, Speed Test uploads multiple packets to the nearest server and calculates all uploaded bytes in a second then it converts them in Bits to show the upload speed in bps (bits per second).