Track Bandwidth

Track Bandwidth DVDMajority of Internet Service Providers say, they provide unlimited internet but if you check their websites and see complete package detail then you will find some Bandwidth CAP or Limit. That means “UNLIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION” is not really unlimited, most commonly Bandwidth CAPs or Limits are like 300GB to 500GB per month and if you will exceed that limit so they charge heavy amount. Bandwidth is basically a sum of all downloaded and uploaded bytes, when you watch some video on Youtube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Vimeo or anywhere so basically it downloads multiple chunks of that video time to time in your computer and consumes large amount of bandwidth, similarly downloading large files from torrents consumes heavy amount of bandwidth because torrent client’s always download and upload bytes at the same time. So the bottom line is, that whatever you do using internet, like browsing, watching videos, listening music, downloading files, playing games consumes your internet and counts in your monthly quota.


Hence we must have some way to track our internet bandwidth or usage so we can prevent exceeding our monthly bandwidth limit, the best solution to track your internet usage is, it has been designed for everyone, no matter if you are using your internet individually or sharing with others, for example at your home or in your office, will track each and every computer and will show you bandwidth consumption report by each computer, it has many more features see the following list of features:


Track Bandwidth Features